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2012 - 2020

Guyana’s principal wealth are the natural resources both inland and offshore along with its forest and the assets therein. The Government have been able to sustainably manage our forests to derive economic benefits for the economy and create livelihood opportunities for our people while at the same time maintaining one of the lowest rates of deforestation in the world. In doing so we have also created a new economic opportunity through avoided deforestation (REDD+) for which Guyana is one of the first countries to be paid. This administration will continue to focus on expanding and diversifying the economy on the basis of rationale use of Guyana’s natural resources. To facilitate this effort, the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment is established to have responsibilities for forestry, mining, environmental management, wildlife, protected areas, land use planning and coordination, and climate change.

Guyana is known globally for its wealth of natural resources, high levels of biodiversity and for having one of the lowest rates of deforestation in the developing world. The Government of Guyana (GoG) has had a long history of instituting mechanisms for the effective management and conservation of these resources. More recently, with the development of the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS), the Government made the unprecedented commitment to re-orient Guyana’s economy onto a low-carbon, “green” pathway.

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