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Green Paper – National Mineral Sector Policy Framework and Actions 2019-2029

Please see below the green paper for the National Mineral Sector Policy Framework and Actions 2019-2029   Terms of Reference TOR with work schedule CV's of authors CV - Sherwood Lowe(Team Leader) CV - William Woolford CV - Karen Livan Pre-release public submissions and minutes of consultations Rennis Morian - Regional Chairman, Upper Demerara/ Berbice Conservation International [...]

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Press Release – Ministry of Natural Resources clarifies EOI ad position

-MNR held the oil and gas portfolio at the time of World Bank loan -Until budget 2019, MNR remains DoE’s accounting agency only for procurement aspects and disbursement of funds. The Ministry of Natural Resources wishes to reiterate that all petroleum matters are now under the Department of Energy (DoE), Ministry of the Presidency. With [...]

Press Release – Minister Trotman meets GGMC Mahdia officers as enforcement operation begins

In continued efforts to address the issue of fatal mining incidents, Minister of Natural Resources, Hon. Raphael Trotman on Saturday visited Mahdia and received updates on the town's ongoing enforcement operation. The operation, ordered by the subject Minister on Tuesday, serves to address mines safety, improve mining practices and curb the practice of illegal mining [...]